Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tamil Historic Novels by Kalki

Recently, I started reading tamil novels after finishing my college. Wow, I have never seen anything like that. The description of war, love, hatred......... My god, I have never seen such beatiful descriptions. My first encounter was with kalki's sivagamiyin sabatham. I kind of liked it. I then took on Ponniyin Selvan and finished the entire book in six days. I have benn trying to get my hands on other books by kalki. I got them all from projectmadurai - a venture to get all the nationalised tamil books on the net. For everyone's notice, Kalki's books have been nationalised. So any publisher can publish it. I have now started on Alai Oosai. I believe the following books will enthrall you as well(provided you know tamil). I haven't read any of sandilyan's works. But from the discussion on forums and other places, I think that they too are equally good as Kalki's. I post the following links for anyone wishing to read Kalki's great works. I'm expecting sandilyan's kadal pura. I think I'll be getting the actual book next week. Once I get that I think I'll get a taste of his style as well.I think the following books will help.

Ponniyin Selvan:- 1a 1b 2a 2b 3a 3b 4a 4b 5a 5b 5c 5d

Sivagamiyin Sabatham:- part1 part2 part3 part4

Alai Oosai:- part1 part2 part3 part4

Parthiban Kanavu:- part1&2 Part3

Solaimalai Ilavarasi:- part1

Read these great books and enjoy them!!!!!

தமிழ் வாழ்க ! தமிழ் மண்ணுக்கு பெருமை சேர்க !


Anonymous said...

your site is interesting to visit!!!!!
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visualcrack said...

It is wonderful to visit your site..

I love these books...

THanks a lot

Sweety said...

The stories and yr site is very nice and keep up the good work.

I love books more than foods especialy kalki, sandilyan, ramanichandran & etc novels.

raha said...

I too like kalki novels very much. all your comments are exceptionally true. if you have chance read Chandilyan's historical novels.. It cant beat sivakamiyin sabatham and PS but they too wonderful to LIVE not to read..

raha said...

I too like kalki novels. All your comments are exceptionally true. If you have chance read chandilyan's novels too, Eventhough they can cant beat SS and PS, they are too wonderful to LIVE not to read(that is you have to immerse in the story to enjoy it.........!!!).