Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tamil Historic Novels by Kalki

Recently, I started reading tamil novels after finishing my college. Wow, I have never seen anything like that. The description of war, love, hatred......... My god, I have never seen such beatiful descriptions. My first encounter was with kalki's sivagamiyin sabatham. I kind of liked it. I then took on Ponniyin Selvan and finished the entire book in six days. I have benn trying to get my hands on other books by kalki. I got them all from projectmadurai - a venture to get all the nationalised tamil books on the net. For everyone's notice, Kalki's books have been nationalised. So any publisher can publish it. I have now started on Alai Oosai. I believe the following books will enthrall you as well(provided you know tamil). I haven't read any of sandilyan's works. But from the discussion on forums and other places, I think that they too are equally good as Kalki's. I post the following links for anyone wishing to read Kalki's great works. I'm expecting sandilyan's kadal pura. I think I'll be getting the actual book next week. Once I get that I think I'll get a taste of his style as well.I think the following books will help.

Ponniyin Selvan:- 1a 1b 2a 2b 3a 3b 4a 4b 5a 5b 5c 5d

Sivagamiyin Sabatham:- part1 part2 part3 part4

Alai Oosai:- part1 part2 part3 part4

Parthiban Kanavu:- part1&2 Part3

Solaimalai Ilavarasi:- part1

Read these great books and enjoy them!!!!!

தமிழ் வாழ்க ! தமிழ் மண்ணுக்கு பெருமை சேர்க !

Sun Java Certification - Tips and Study Materials

I was good in Java and I have nearly worked with all of their technologies starting from plain command line java applications, applets to advanced servlets, EJB's etc. Recently I decided to appear for the Sun Java cetification exam. Till now, I had never concentrated on understanding the complex underlying difficulties(I mean the basics) in java such as to why certain compiler errors occur and stuffs like the range of primitive data types and all those sort of things. Especially, Threads, I never liked them even a single bit. But as it seems, they turn out to be the bulk of questions in the exam. So, I had to collect some preparatory materials to get myself back at the basics again. To my amusement, I have nearly gone thru all of them in a couple of days and I only have a final revision probably before the day of the exam. They are easy except that you got to understand certain concepts to the core. Those things can be achieved by attending number of mock exams and understanding why certain answers are like they are. Concepts are the major things that form the part of any question. I have tried a number of mock exams and seem to just pass them thru.But I do believe that the actual exam would be far easy than what I had to go thru here. I'm confident of clearing it at ease.

For persons starting to prepare for the exam, I will advise to take notes of each concept that you come across in a notepad as points. These notes can later be used to handle problems based on those concepts. Further you can only concentrate on these concepts before the exam.

Try attending as many number of mock exams as you can, to make sure you are upto the toughest level, so that you can clear the actual exam easily. I would like you guys to visit the following link:-

This link contains links to all mock exams for java on the net. You can daily attend 2 or 3 exams to check out your status. Well the most important thing that has to be taken note of is the time management. You have just 70+ and most of them are choose or drag and drop type and there is 2:30 hours. So make sure you manage your time well in the exam. At home, you might be able to complete all the questions in an hour. But make sure that you take your time in the exam. In addition, I got the following materials that could help you. Regarding study guides, you can go for the McgrawHill java 2 certification complete guide. And for the exams, you can purchase exams from,, They update their questions on a regular basis.

Following are some mock exams that can help you:-

MockExam1 MockExam2 MockExam3

All the Best!!!!!!!! for the exam and do reply on how you felt the exam. Please reply to me with e-mail for further materials.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lenin -The leader of the masses

The great soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin died on January 21, 1924. But his body is till date preserved in the Lenin Mausoleum at red square, Moscow. I got a chance to look into the process of still preserving and cleaning his body in the mausoleum. It's amazing to even look at it. Russians are good at the mummification process, I believe. The link to the video is here.
The Sad news is that the Russian government is planning to bury him soon.

Hope the Indians could have mummified even Gandhi for us to have a look at him at the present.

FACT:- One other person shared the tomb with Lenin. Anyone knows who it is?
Joseph Stalin

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Euro 2008 - schedule

With the Euro 2008 less than a month away, all the football crazy funs must be running here and there. Even I was desperately in need of the games schedule for the Euro 2008. So I just did some Googling and came up with the schedule.

Saturday 7 June 2008
1 Grp A Switzerland vs Czech Republic - 18:00 - Basel - St. Jakob-Park
2 Grp A Portugal vs Turkey - 20:45 - Geneva - Stade de Genève

Sunday 8 June 2008
3 Grp B Austria vs Croatia - 18:00- Vienna - Ernst Happel
4 Grp B Germany vs Poland - 20:45 - Klagenfurt - Wörthersee

Monday 9 June 2008
5 Grp C Romania vs France - 18:00 - Zurich - Letzigrund
6 Grp C Netherlands vs Italy - 20:45 - Berne - Stade de Suisse

Tuesday 10 June 2008
7 Grp D Spain vs Russia - 18:00 - Innsbruck - Tivoli Neu
8 Grp D Greece vs Sweden - 20:45 - Salzburg - EM Stadion Wals-Siezenheim

Wednesday 11 June 2008
9 Grp A Czech Republic vs Portugal - 18:00 - Geneva - Stade de Genève
10 Grp A Switzerland vs Turkey - 20:45 - Basel - St. Jakob-Park

Thursday 12 June 2008
11 Grp B Croatia vs Germany - 18:00 - Klagenfurt - Wörthersee
12 Grp B Austria vs Poland - 20:45 - Vienna - Ernst Happel

Friday 13 June 2008
13 Grp C Italy vs Romania - 18:00 - Zurich - Letzigrund
14 Grp C Netherlands vs France - 20:45- Berne - Stade de Suisse

Saturday 14 June 2008
15 Grp D Sweden vs Spain -18:00 - Innsbruck - Tivoli Neu
16 Grp D Greece vs Russia - 20:45 - Salzburg EM Stadion Wals-Siezenheim

Sunday 15 June 2008
17 Grp A Switzerland vs Portugal - 20:45 - Basel - St. Jakob-Park
18 Grp A Turkey vs Czech Republic - 20:45 - Geneva - Stade de Genève

Monday 16 June 2008
19 Grp B Poland vs Croatia - 20:45 - Klagenfurt - Wörthersee
20 Grp B Austria vs Germany -20:45 - Vienna - Ernst Happel

Tuesday 17 June 2008
21 Grp C Netherlands vs Romania - 20:45 - Berne - Stade de Suisse
22 Grp C France vs Italy - 20:45 - Zurich - Letzigrund

Wednesday 18 June 2008
23 Grp D Greece vs Spain -20:45 - Salzburg - EM Stadion Wals-Siezenheim
24 Grp D Russia vs Sweden -20:45 - Innsbruck - Tivoli Neu

Thursday 19 June 2008
25 QF Winner Grp A vs Runner-up Grp B - 20:45 -Basel - St. Jakob-Park

Friday 20 June 2008
26 QF Winner Grp B vs Runner-up Grp A - 20:45 - Vienna - Ernst Happel

Saturday 21 June 2008
27 QF Winner Grp C vs Runner-up Grp D - 20:45 - Basel - St. Jakob-Park

Sunday 22 June 2008
28 QF Winner Grp D vs Runner-up Grp C -20:45 - Vienna - Ernst Happel

Wednesday 25 June 2008
29 SF Winner #25 vs Winner #26 - 20:45 - Basel - St. Jakob-Park

Thursday 26 June 2008
30 SF Winner #27 vs Winner #28 - 20:45 - Vienna - Ernst Happel

Sunday 29 June 2008
31 F Winner #29 vs Winner #30 -20:45 - Vienna - Ernst Happel

I'm Expecting to see my favourite stars in action especially Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Fabregas, Podolski, Toni, Gilardino, Henry. I'm sad of not having England. I'll definitely miss Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard. Anyway, the Euro 2004 was nothing short of a fantasy. I expect the Euro 2008 to be no less exciting.

Finally projects and reviews are over

Finally I have finished my final year project with flying colors. I had my final presentation being made on the 16th of this month and I'm free from now. We had prepared for the project sincerely for three months and finally came out with the working solution last month. My pal had done the major part of the job and i had t just help him out in crunch times with my knowledge in the field of networking. It was something that we believed to be new. To say the least, even I didn't know what we were to expect of the final product. It was based on bringing up application and data mobility on a portable flash desktop. We succeeded in bringing up whatever we could do for the project to our level of expertise. Once the final review was over, We were really happy with our achievement.
Finally, We breathed in free fresh air.

Now we got to work for our exams staring from the 30th. Once those get over, I can hope for a sound sleep at last.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Computer Viruses - Steps involved in prevention and manual removal

I have been suffering from lot of virus problems ever since the day i started using my computer. To say the least, I have got used to removing them as well in most cases. Well when it comes to viruses, th most general thing they do is replication. For this they generally, place a non-erasable piece of code in your system. This may be either a hidden superuser file or a short piece in the registry.

With vista though, the above things can be avoided by enabling User Account Control(UAC) in the msconfig. The major reason for viruses attacking any system is the user's negligence in turning off the autostart of CD's or running unwanted executables. Anybody running vista, might notice the "AutoPlay" option in the Control Panel. This can be used for preventing the CD's and thumb drives being autoplayed when they are inserted. Incase of XP, the Xp-Antispy can be used to disable the autostart and prevent unauthorised registry editing.

Now that you have completed the above steps successfully, you can be sure that future attacks are mostly prevented. Now I would prefer the following steps to remove the virus for each of the following symptoms:-

1)Each folder turns into an .exe with a folder like icon or New Folder.exe:-
This virus can be removed by following the following steps.

1. Kill the following processes and delete the files(If any present):-

• newfolder.exe
• shelliddono.dll
• srv0104.ids
• srvidd20.exe or any rundll32.exe(dont delete this one, just stop this i.e rundll32)

2. Delete the following registry entries(If any present):-

• Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run for nwiz.exe
Value: @

• Key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\alchem
Value: @

• Key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\zzb
Value: @

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run -
This location is mainly responsible for the programs that autostart when you start your computer. This can also be accessed using the msconfig. Make sure no wanted programs are present in this list. If any is present, delete them or stop them for starting at start-up. Make sure this is checked periodically.

3. Delete unwanted dll's and exe's in the System32 folder:-

The name of those executable's will be something like amvo*.* ,kavo*.* or tavo*.*(i.e. tavo.exe, tavo1.dll etc). These are the malicious files resposible for the replication process.

4. Delete unwanted autorun.inf & other files in the root of the drives:-
The autorun.inf files and files named like VirusRemoval.vbs,******.cmd, ******.exe, ******.bat show that the files are placed in the root of the drives, so that they autorun when you open the drives. you can check whether there are any hidden files like that in the specified location and delete them by using the command.

dir /ah - meaning display all the hidden files in the current location.

del /f /ah (filename) - delete the hidden file forcefully.

If forcefull deletion does not succeed, then try changing its attributes by using the following command:

attrib -a -h -s (filename) - to reduce the file privileges from a superuser file to a normal user file.

this command can also be used with the + instead of - if you need to promote your file to a superuser file privilege and as a hidden one.

then try deleting it again, after stopping any associated process mentioned as in step(1).

Note: Make sure that you dont use the explorer during the step as much as possible, try using the command line to naigate and check for hidden files and viruses. and directly access task manager for stopping any processes. Do this for all drives in your system( even include your thumb drives)

After doing all these, restart your computer and check that none of the malicious code is again running.

2) Not able to access the hidden folders:-

Each time you try to view the hidden files in your folder, it isn't shown. The tools->folder options-> View ----- show hidden files and folders can not be enabled. This can be due to the presence of a malicious code, like the one I mentioned above. Follow the above steps to remove them. Then to re-enable the viewing of hidden files, follow the steps:-

  • Run Registry Editor by typing regedit in run or command prompt.
  • In the Registry traverse to this path
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  • Then double click the value Hidden in the right hand side pan
  • A dialog box pops up asking for the .Any virus would have changed the value to 0 which should be either of the following.
    • 1 - Show hidden
    • 2 - Don't show
These steps must restore the system to a reasonably good condition. Remove the replicated New Folder.exe and the rest normally by searching for them and deleting them.(Make sure you dont run them!!!!!!!! when deleting them).

You can change the hidden folders( by the malicious code) to normal ones, by using the attrib command mentioned above.

3)The CD/DVD drive opens and closes repeatedly, when system starts:-
This is caused by a simple VB script or any other script. Make sure you remove it when system starts from msconfig. and you can stop it from task man from stopping the appropriate script engine.

You must be able to enjoy your system happily from now on. If you do need any anti-virus, Please go for avast. It might slow down your system. but it does the task.

I have seen many other viruses that can show a open with dialog, when you double-click on drives in the explorer. But I have still not had a first hand experience with them yet. So i'll try providing the steps for those as well in the near future after I try them out. Once you have learned removing them, I believe you need not get annoyed with them, the next time they attack you.

In case of problems, please comment for me to help you.

Viruses were created for fun! So enjoy them!
They help you learn more about your system

Acer aspire 4720z - My New Laptop

I have been using a normal assembled system for a very long time. Now, I decided that the time has come to move to something bigger and better. Before I bought my laptop, I was very much interested in buying a HP or Compaq notebook. But once I entered the shop, it's owner Ali, who was my friend, advised me to buy the acer. He convinced me that this laptop not only is half the cost of a HP or Compaq with a similar configuration, but also the best he has ever used as he had already bought one for himself. The total cost for me came up to Rs. 29,400 inclusive of the taxes in chennai.

Now coming to the real thing and how it works.

This is the Hardware Configuration that the system comes with:

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.6 Ghz t2330
Memory: 1GB of DDR2 Ram.
Hard disk: 160GB SATA
Graphics: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator x3100

other configs:
RICOH 5-in-1 card reader
Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
802.11 b/g wireless LAN
Inbuilt acer crystal webcam
Winbond CIR Transceiver
Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter
Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
DVD Super Multi
4 USB ports

The system's hardware config is good enough for running windows vista. But for some strange reason, it doesn't come with Vista. It comes with a command line version of linux called Linpus Linux. If Acer wanted to put Linux in it, they could have gone for some higher end version like Fedora or some Debian release.

I initially installed vista after I got my laptop. Installing vista was like walk in a park, with Vista itself detecting most of the drivers. However, it is recommended that you manually install all the drivers that comes with the Resource CD. Once all the drivers are done with, the laptop works out pretty well. I got a rating of 3.1 in Vista which is higher than what I got on my home system which was only 1.5 . Definitely, for a man working with a single core(no hyper-threading) processor , this was more than to ask for.

Everybody knows that Vista cannot be used without licensing. So I installed ubuntu, in a couple of days. Thats when the probs started showing up. First no sound, then no wireless, I felt I was in a no-where to go island. But thanks to Google and Ubuntu support forums, I got all fixed up.
For all users out there, who suffer from driver problems with ubuntu. try googling and especially goto They got step by step illustrations on how to get thru the installetion of sound and wireless in ubuntu. They work to some extent. One major thanks to ubuntu. It detected my bluetooth automatically.

Recently, I had a problem with my card reader and must really admire acer's customer service. They fixed my laptop back to factory condition in 2 days.

I love my Acer!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emperor of Clay vs Emperor of Grass - Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer

I was not a great fan of tennis till the french open started. For unknown reasons, I didn't like to watch the nation's favorite game, even thought the much awaited IPL was starting up. Tennis had caught my attention. I loved the way Federer played and to say the least, he and Nadal were the only players I knew in the open, in addition to few others(say 2 or 3). I wanted to know why Federer struggled so much in clay and Nadal wasn't so much comfortable in grass (i.e. till he won the wimbledon). I was slightly trained in cricket and I know a little bit about body movements, shot power, points of maximum injury threat in our body etc. Even a normal sportsman who had observed their enthralling rivalry would find the reasons for each of their success in their respective empires.

Rafael Nadal:-

The boy wonder of tennis is really a great player and has excellent physical strength to play the game over long period of times. He maintains very good concentration on the game rather than thinking about his opponent, which I believe is giving him the recent edge over his broken opponents. The boy has a profound skidding action specially suited for clay where one can easily skid around and reach the ball without using much of his energy. But when it comes to grass, the skid is not useful on a much more rugged surface. So he has got to move here and there against a opponent like Federer, who is good at getting into good positions. He also has an excellent, if not wonderful backhand and top-spin shots. Those are pretty tought to get away on any surface whether grass or clay. His movement is quick even without the skid. He runs here and there and reaches balls that others would rather give up. Coming to his physical strengths, He has well-built muscles to help in long rallies. Those on the forehand and along the wrist area are very much necessary for shot accuracy and strength. Those who watch cricket might know this. It's in a way similar to the Helicopter shots that Dhoni plays. Even they require a lot of wrist power. I like one thing about him and that is his ability to adjust to grass so quickly. His legs are also well-built. For a boy who comes from the clay courts of Barcelona, It is a really great achievement. But his attitude towards the game can be little like what the Australians have in cricket. You cannot complain about it. But it somewhat hurts your opponents. He always keeps his back to his opponents, when he is getting the ball or for that matter using his towel and that too after his opponents have lost a point. He is a way cheeky. He intimidates you without you understanding that he is and by the time you have nearly lost and fallen, you lose your thought of winning the match and a thought of nearly giving up comes up in your mind. Otherwise, He is a sweet boy off the court and also does a little bit of charity from what I have heard of him. Would like to see a player who can challenge him in his empire.

Roger Federer:-

Federer, I would say is a touch artist. His movement across the court looks majestic and awful (when he is allowed to). His strengths are his Forehand passes and the second most toughest serve in tennis, only next to Roddick. Unlike Nadal's liking towards the Topspin and the powerful forehand , backhand shots, Federer relies heavily on the drop shots and the volleys. His forehand could generate much power even than Nadal's when hit with the accuracy.If you guys observe him, you might notice he has a skipping action. He skips between shots instead of moving on a flat like what Nadal does. That accounts for his major wins in grass and also his major losses in clay. His backhand was once a formidable shot to handle in the game. But I believe he has lost a bit of muscle in the body that doesn't let him play wide back hand passes that well. Those who know him well and follow him around, would notice the changes he has gone through from being a slightly chubby person to a skinny one. He has lost much of his strength and in a way he is losing his patience and joy of playing the game. When Nadal loses a set or a point, he moves with much of confidence, that could shake the opponent into believeing that the boy is capable of running over you, and so you start playing shots with lot of care. When Federer loses a point, he shakes his head like everything is over and moves to his place so slowly and with such a heavy look, that even his opponents get encouraged by it. Federer loses mentally and that reflects in his game. If Federer stops giving away his emotions and starts playing game with a lot of joy, even if he wins or loses, he could run over Nadal on any surface. His shot accuracy is way over Nadal's on his day. He just needs to get a little bit of aggression and joy into his game. If he does it, He will reign supreme again. Well when it comes to physical strengths, Federer could be compared to be on the scale at 10 to a 100 of Nadal. Federer has lost lot of his physical strength. He is looking a lot puny. I believe he is suffering from a wrist and back injury, which is further bringing his morale down. If he gets back into shape and form, It could mean the odds in the battle could again swing his way. He does a lot of charity and has even helped the tsunami victims and had come here to Chennai. His attitude off the court, could be the one he might need to inject back into his game.

Whatever mentioned here are my sole opinion and might not necessarily reflect others. I still like Federer to Nadal. I'm expecting a better fight atleast in the olympics. There is saying in the chinese.
"If you know yourself and enemy, you need not fear the results of a thousand battles. If you know yourself and not your enemy, for every battle won, there will be a loss. If you know neither, you'll lose always. "

Nadal has learned it well. Federer might only be half complete with regards to this statement.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

EJB Stateless Session Bean Program using NetBeans5.5, Sun Application Server 9 and jdk1.6 under JAVA EE 5

First for starting up you need the netbeans, jdk and the sun app server installed and configured. Sun app server must be added to the list of servers in Netbeans. This can be done through the "Tools-> Server Manager" in the Netbeans menu.

After Configuring all those stuff, please try out the following procedure for creating the EJB's.

1)First select "new project" from the file menu in netbeans.

2)Within the "Choose project" Dialog Box, Select Enterprise under Categories and "Enterprise Application" under Projects and click on Next button.

3)In the "Name and Location" DialogBox, Enter the name of the Project and select the Location. Make sure that "create EJB module" and "create Web Application Module" checkboxes are selected.
4)Netbeans automatically creates the Project files. Then right click in the "Source Packages" within the "-ejb" part and select "New-> Session Bean".
5)In the "Name and Location" Dialog box that follows, enter the EJB name and the package name. Select Session type as Stateless. Select only Remote within the "Create interface" option.

6)It can be seen that the Bean's Bean and Remote classes are automatically generated.

7)Then edit the Remote Interface class to include the declaration of the function that you want.

8)In the corresponding bean class, implement the corresponding method declared in the Remote Interface.

9)Then right click on "Source Packages" within the "-war" part and select "New-> servlet".

10)In the Name and Location Dialog Box that follows, Enter the name of the servlet and the package for the servlet and click on "Next".

11)Enter the Servlet name and URL Pattern in the "Configure Servlet Deployment" Dialog box and click on finish.

12)Then right click within the code area of the generated servlet class file and select "Enterprise resources->Call Enterprise Bean".

13)Then a Dialog box comes up with the list of all the ejb's open in the current project. In that, select the Bean you created and click on ok.

14)It can be seen that netbeans automatically adds the following line to the servlet code.
private Remote ;

15)Now add the following line to the processRequest function after the PrintWriter creation line.

16)Now save all the codes and right click on the project and select "Build Project". NetBeans builds and links the project.

17)Then right click on the project and select "Run Project". Netbeans runs the project and creates the browser page on completion.

18)Add the "/" to the address tab and press enter. It can be seen that the EJB function is called and the output is displayed in the servlet.

I used Netbeans 5.5 and sun server 9 for doing this project. jdk1.6 is required for installing and running Netbeans 5.5. Please make sure to have the neccessary software installed before trying out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

connecting 2 computers to Internet using Airtel with Beetel 220bx

This is mainly for those who have a couple of computers at their house and feel they can use only one at a time for accessing the net.The procedure might slightly differ with respect to those of the bsnl routers. But they all are basically the same.

I have enumerated the steps based on my modem type which is Beetel 220bx adsl2 + modem. The procedures for your modem might differ.

1. The very first step will be to make sure of the method you guys might be using to access the net.If you guys are using a dial-up facility and u feel u want to access the net as you switch your modem or you r able to connect to the net directly but you r not able to connect two systems simultaneously. If dialup then you can follow the steps from first.

First access your router/modems advanced setup home page. Incase of beetel this is and not because the default redirects to the basic setup page, which is The defualt user name and password is "admin" and "password".

In that select Advanced Setup tab, and navigate to LAN page. Check whether the DHCP server is enabled and the LAN ip range has been correctly setup.This will be something like follows.

2. Then goto the WAN Page. In that page, A table must show up. In that please check whether there are the following details.

VPI/VCI - 1/32
con.Id - 1
category - ubr
service - br_1_32
Interface - nas_1_32
protocol - bridge
igmp - n/a
QOS - disabled
state - enabled

If your interface is ppp_1_32_1 and protocol is pppoe, then that means that you got to edit only certain parameters. Follow the steps carefully from now.

3. Then click the edit button in the table, Let VPI and VCI be 1 and 32 or the ones already there. These are identification numbers specific to the ISP provider. Then click next.

4.Then in the next page select the Connection type as PPPoE or PPPoA. This depends on your ISP. If you have any doubts here, ring up your ISP. by default for those under airtel, this will be PPPoE. Select the encapsulation mode as LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING. In this some routers, this option might also be given as Link Layer.

5. In the next page, specify the default dialup username and password provided by your ISP. Enter the service name as airtel or anything that you want. Select the Authentication mode as AUTO. I think the default is PAP. Leave it as AUTO.Leave the remaining options as given in the screenshot.

6.In the next page, select the Enable IGMP Multicast and Enable WAN Service. Then click on next.

7.Finally click on the save/reboot button. Wait for some 2-3 minutes, till your router/modem restarts. From now on, you must be able access net from both computers without dialing up.

NOTE:- If you have more than 2 computers as in the case of Beetel 220bx, Then you might be adviced to go for a router or hub. The cost of a 8-port hub in chennai as of today is 700-750. so go for it. Otherwise, you should be able to connect atleast 2 systems one using USB and another using normal ethernet cable.( incase of beetel 220bx).

After following the steps listed, you should be able to connect to the net directly without dialing.

The steps I have listed are only for accessing the external net. If you have an internal server in your network and you want that to be accessed by an external computer, then you must add those settings to the Virtual Server under NAT under Advanced Setup.

All the Best.