Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brawn GP - A team to look out for this 2009 season

This season's F1 had speculations all over it, with the FIA, the Governing Body bringing several changes to the format. They brought back the slick tyres, which was probably a good move. But the change in the specifications of the wings and the highly complicated diffuser seems to have sparked of some heat between the teams.

Brawn Gp Team Formerly known as the Honda, are one who have got nearly everything in the right place for the starting race of this season. Their performance in the practice sessions was excellent, and going by what I have seen for the Qualifying sessions, they are eyeing the Constructors as well as the Driver's championship this year for sure.

Who would have bet their money on a team running into crisis,going up for sale and probablyhaving 2 of the oldest drivers for this season to back so much punch in their maiden run?. Jenson Button and Rubens Barricello(One retired as many thought of him) have come back like veteran tigers with a vengeance to show others of how good they really are. Rubens has oen more time to roar loud, I would say. Going for experienced drivers was more than a boon I would say. Ross Brawn is surely someone who has to be congratulated for his brave initiative.

Sir Richard Branson has already set the limelight on the team and their future, coming out to openly sponsor the team with his virgin brand. This team sure has something in it. Well, something , that could shake the very foundation of this racing world as we know it. Today, they were probably within breaking shumi's 1:24 barrier within 500's of a second.

Wait a second where did the other teams go???
Mclaren - could only get till the Q2, with Hamilton not even coming out for a run in Q2 and Heiki struggling to get anything out from his car.

Renault - Alonso atleast got till Q2, Piquet couldn't even get their.

Ferrari - They must thank god for being in the Top 10. Surely their drivers did something more than what the car could do to get to that spot.

Well, going by the first qualifying sessions in 2009, I would rather like to bet my money on the minnows than go for the Big boys. But you never know, "this is one crazy world!!!".