Sunday, November 29, 2009

Folders opening in new window - vista & IE 8

This fix is for the vista sp1 update that includes IE 8. Once IE 8 is installed, the folders open in new windows even though the 'open each folder in the same window' option is selected.

This can be corrected by running the IE 8 in administrator mode just once. This will fix the issue. The reason for the issue is still unknown. I'll update it once I get the reason.

(I tried everything to fix this. So thought I could share it with everybody.)

Life on the changing path - World in front of a computer

Its been a really really long time since I blogged.

I don't know if it is just that I don't get time to blog or am I being consumed in this fast moving world?. Usually Saturdays and Sundays were the boring days of the week as I didn't have anything to do. But now it seems that they are the most important things that I wait for when each week starts as I can take rest only on those days. Before I stepped out into this world, I used to have time to think. I used to play around with different technologies. I used to watch movies as they release. Now I don't even know what movie in the theater near my house. I used to have dinner before 9:30 at night. But now even that is not starting before 11 at night. I don't even know what dress my father is gonna wear for office? or what dish my mother is gonna cook?. I'm can see that I'm changing and the worst part is my health. I used to be one of the bulky boys of the class weighing in the mid 80's. Now I find it hard to believe that I weigh a little over 60 kgs. My food habits have changed and So have I.

Is this change good for me?
Is this the change I longed for during my engineering course?
Is this the change my parents wanted for me?
Is this the change that I supposed was gonna make my family happier?
Am I still suppose to be the guy who enjoys everything as it comes?


Have I become the personification of everything that one doesn't want to be?

IT has changed India and Indians and I now understand how much?
I suppose there are people out there who would agree with my view.

As I write this, I'm struck by the fact that I have to complete some important documents for some project related work tomorrow. I'm not sure that I'll be able to continue on blogging as I used to. But I'll try doing whatever I can.

Wish someone could foretell my future. Atleast I'll prepare myself for it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brawn GP - A team to look out for this 2009 season

This season's F1 had speculations all over it, with the FIA, the Governing Body bringing several changes to the format. They brought back the slick tyres, which was probably a good move. But the change in the specifications of the wings and the highly complicated diffuser seems to have sparked of some heat between the teams.

Brawn Gp Team Formerly known as the Honda, are one who have got nearly everything in the right place for the starting race of this season. Their performance in the practice sessions was excellent, and going by what I have seen for the Qualifying sessions, they are eyeing the Constructors as well as the Driver's championship this year for sure.

Who would have bet their money on a team running into crisis,going up for sale and probablyhaving 2 of the oldest drivers for this season to back so much punch in their maiden run?. Jenson Button and Rubens Barricello(One retired as many thought of him) have come back like veteran tigers with a vengeance to show others of how good they really are. Rubens has oen more time to roar loud, I would say. Going for experienced drivers was more than a boon I would say. Ross Brawn is surely someone who has to be congratulated for his brave initiative.

Sir Richard Branson has already set the limelight on the team and their future, coming out to openly sponsor the team with his virgin brand. This team sure has something in it. Well, something , that could shake the very foundation of this racing world as we know it. Today, they were probably within breaking shumi's 1:24 barrier within 500's of a second.

Wait a second where did the other teams go???
Mclaren - could only get till the Q2, with Hamilton not even coming out for a run in Q2 and Heiki struggling to get anything out from his car.

Renault - Alonso atleast got till Q2, Piquet couldn't even get their.

Ferrari - They must thank god for being in the Top 10. Surely their drivers did something more than what the car could do to get to that spot.

Well, going by the first qualifying sessions in 2009, I would rather like to bet my money on the minnows than go for the Big boys. But you never know, "this is one crazy world!!!".

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A.R. Rahman bags 2 oscars

A.R. Rahman bags 2 oscars and sets India on the global movie map. He has won the oscars for the best score and song for the movie "the Slumdog Millionaire". Though this should have been awarded a long time ago, I think this is one that Rahman truely deserved.

Thanks for making India proud!!!!!!!!!!
Wish you get many more in the forth coming years!!!!!!