Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally projects and reviews are over

Finally I have finished my final year project with flying colors. I had my final presentation being made on the 16th of this month and I'm free from now. We had prepared for the project sincerely for three months and finally came out with the working solution last month. My pal had done the major part of the job and i had t just help him out in crunch times with my knowledge in the field of networking. It was something that we believed to be new. To say the least, even I didn't know what we were to expect of the final product. It was based on bringing up application and data mobility on a portable flash desktop. We succeeded in bringing up whatever we could do for the project to our level of expertise. Once the final review was over, We were really happy with our achievement.
Finally, We breathed in free fresh air.

Now we got to work for our exams staring from the 30th. Once those get over, I can hope for a sound sleep at last.

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