Saturday, June 14, 2008

Problem facing India in IT Field

India could very well be left out of the list of countries that most of the US companies outsources to. The scenario is something that has to be looked in with much of facts. The main reason that US was interested in outsourcing to East Asian countries was with the low cost of labor here. But it might soon end if government doesn't decide to act soon. Indian Rupee has been gaining in value against the Dollar and all that made the US companies to feel comfortable with low cost high labor seems to be eroding. Recently, TCS has thrown out 500 of its employees and with other companies expected to follow in line, the situation looks grim not just for the experienced employees but also for the newbies placed in those companies. Even the government has been trying to keep the Rupee - Dollar in check by doing various things, but all in vain.

I fear about the students who have been placed in those companies. They might be forced to work for extra hours with practically no or little improvement in pay. It's hard to say but I'm among those newbies placed in one of the IT Companies.

I hope that something well happens soon.

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hantan said...

is it just rupee appreciation or also the current crisis that america is facing. jus check out what crisis is forcing america to stop outsourcing to us...
not only tcs but also IBM india chucked out 700 ppl. many ll follow suit i believe,

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