Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Costliest Phones in the World

The mobile phones have become an important part of our daily life. The following are some of the costliest ones ever.

Diamond crypto smartphone

This phone is designed by Peter Aloisson and costs a whopping $1.3 million. It has 50 diamonds of which 10 are the rare blue diamonds. It also has powerful encryption technology to provide higher security. It runs on Windows CE Operating System and can store 4000 phone book details.

Diamond Embedded Motorola KRZR
This phone comes after the diamond crypto smartphone. Its Price depends on the number of diamonds you want on it which is customizable. It is available in 3 designs - White, Leopard and Roma.

Piece Unique

This is one of the three phones created by Swiss company, Goldvish. One of them was sold for a record price of 680,000 pounds to a Russian Millionaire at the Millionaire's fair at Cannes. The other is owned by a Hong Kong business man. The third is up for grabbing though!!!

Motorola V3i Stainless Steel/Gold with 855 Zirconia Diamonds

This phone is from the same person Peter Aloisson who designed the Diamond Crypto Smartphone and the diamond crusted Motorola KRZR. This one has been designed for the rappers. This comes with AAA grade diamonds and costs $10,000 for the Gold version and $2000 for the Stainless Steel version.

Vertu's Signature Cobra

This phone costs $310,000 and is made from one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, 2 emerald eyes and 439 rubies with all the rich stones by French jeweler Boucheron. A low end version is available for $115,000.

Vertu's Diamond

This phone costs $88,000 dollars and is made of 18 carat yellow or white gold set with pave diamonds as well as a platinum handset with a .25 carat solitaire diamond. Each handset takes seven days to complete because the craftsmen have to arrange more than 700 diamonds by hand. A pink variant has also been released.

Vertu's Ascent Ti

This phone is one that was launched in India and costs Rs3,26,000 or $8150. It is cheaper comparing the other models from Vertu. It has a backup utility which stores your data to a remote Ex- military server, thereby even if you loose your mobile you can get a new one with all your data.

My phone in comparison to all the above cost me just $120.

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