Monday, August 11, 2008

India launches 10 satellites in a single launch vehicle

The Indian scientists have created a world record by launching 10 satellites in a single-go with no Hiccups from Sri Harikota . This record involved launching of one indian mini satellite, eight foreign nano satellites and a remote sensing satellite. The entire launch was confirmed a grand success at the end of a 52 hour mark. They used a single PSLV Launch vehicle. Its the 12th successful launch of the PSLV. It has also carried the largest package of more than 800 kgs. This included the more than 600 kg remote sensing satellite - Cartosat-2A. The entire mass at time of launch was a 230-tonne, The highest ever by the PSLV.

With this lauch, Indians have proved their might in the field of astro science to the world. Indians are also in the process of sending a person to moon by 2010.

I'm really proud of my country!!!!!

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